Some of the simplest things in life are the most complex.

It is complex because sometimes, the most evident approach isn't the one that will maximize the outcome. It is also the reason why many digital transformation initiatives fail.

Like I say, just because someone has the most expensive camera does not mean the shot will be the best. It would be best to understand how to compose the images and then look at which camera works best for your photography.

Do we genuinely start that way? Honestly speaking, no! It's easier said than done.

When I first started the Two Flutes Studio in Oakville. I went and bought the gear! Let's say that I was lucky! Fortunately for me, I worked on my composition too. So it all worked out as I had envisioned.

Complexities creep in when you deal with more than one person, different departments, varying digital maturity, willingness to move out of comfort zones, a plethora of ideas on what would be awesome to have instead of a boring solution.

This list can be long, adding complexity and delaying the decision-making process.

I quickly realized that a powerful way to start this change is by aligning people to ONE goal.

Yes, ONE GOAL! Not 2, not 3, just ONE!

Bringing in technology, just because it is exciting and cool, doesn't always mean your people need it or use it. I can tell you with certainty that they will play with it and then get bored with it.

Why? (Good question, my friend) Can you guess?