In my previous blog, "Leading with Singularity," I had mentioned that it is essential to start any transformation journey by aligning people. Allow me to demystify #alignment and then explain how we can successfully align people to one goal.

Now, alignment doesn't mean that everyone starts on the same page. That would be possible if and only if everyone were robots programmed the same way, never come up with ideas or show any creativity or, for that matter, challenge your viewpoint.

Let me share an analogy with you.

Imagine you plan on going for a vacation to your favorite destination! (Do share in the comments where you'd go on a holiday when we can start travel again). What actions do you take after deciding the place and date?

You book a flight, maybe (let's assume you do book a flight). Would you agree if I said that all the passengers boarding this flight have a common goal? Yes?

Yes! Everyone, including yourself, is heading to the same holiday spot! Observe that everyone comes from diverse walks of life, eats different food, etc.; however, their goal for this journey is the same. So it's safe to state that everyone is aligned to the goal even though they are different people.